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B i o g r a p h y

Although now a full-time barrister specialising in intellectual property law, Guy still performs his highly original yet traditional style of card conjuring for exclusive private gatherings and at occasional conjuring conventions.   


His book, Drawing Room Deceptions, was published in 1999 and instantly became the best selling publication of Mike Caveney's Magic Words.  Perhaps Guy's best known effect is The Reformation, which was featured as one of the Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks in the British television programme of that name. Guy's other television appearances include NBC's The World's Greatest Magic III, Illusoes with Luis de Matos in Portugal, The Five Greatest Magicians in the World in Japan, and Britain's Worst Cheats, Heroes of Magic, and the BBC's History of Magic in England.


Guy has recently performed his one man show, The Expert at the Card Table, which debuted at the Edinburgh Festival to sell-out houses and rave reviews, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and London.  


In March 2009, Guy was named Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.  

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