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Conjuring a Better Future


Guy was delighted to present this unique fund-raising show, at the famous Magic Circle in London, at which some of the finest magicians in the UK generously agreed to perform, to raise money for the College of Magic.


Now  in its 37th year, the College is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, and the only one of its kind in the world: it teaches magic theatrical performing and its allied arts, with a social and life-skills component, to children and adults.


The organisation’s primary objective is to teach these invaluable skills to the poor youth in townships and share the wonder of magic with them.

These youngsters, who live in areas where they are faced with a multitude of heart-breaking challenges including poverty, poor schooling, violence, crime, drugs, losing parents/caregivers to HIV and child-headed households, come to the College of Magic in the hopes of transforming their lives and building for themselves a future of hope.


Through its Magic in the Community programme, which is funded through the generosity of sponsors, the College of Magic offers these students the opportunity to participate in an innovative magic theatrical performing arts training and development programme.  And an opportunity to Realise their Dreams.  Having personally visited the College of Magic in 2015, Guy has first-hand knowledge of the magic that goes on behind the scenes to help these children and teenagers. 


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